Terms of Use

1) Be creatvie. Please use at leave 3 tubes when making Sigtags/Blinkies or any other creations.
2) Please only use my tubes online. No printing for cards, scrapbooking and so forth.
3) Do not share my tubes/lines with friends under no circumstances.
4) Your Log-in, is your Log-in & no-one elses. I keep track of IP’s so I will be able to see.
5) No As-is usage of my tubes/lines at all.
6) I do allow usage to Live Journal as long as credit is give for usage of tubes/lines.
7) Live Journal is the only social site, forum, groups allowed.
8 ) You may not take my tubes & recolour/reshade/edit tubes. Your Membership will be terminated if I see it.
I work hard colouring my tubes and it’s just plain rude.
9) You must have a Website or a trusted Livejournal account to gain access to my Members Area. If you dont have either then you can only purchase LIFETIME Membership.
10) You must display your Members Logo on your site at all time.
11) I dont mind if you use my tubes/lines after your membership is over as long as credit is given.
12) If you a Member of LiveJournal you must invite me to all communities you make graphics in. Even if it is a “loved”community.
13) As of 21/11/2012, only Lifetime Membership includes Tube Licence.
If you joined before this your Tube Licence is included. If you would like to purchase a Tube Licence, the cost is $10 on top of termed Memberships. If your Membership has ceased and you re-join the TL fee is applicable.

Any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.
You can email me at kmlane81@gmail.com

Thank you for reading my TOU